Don't Take Our Word For It!

Over the years we have helped hundreds of people

Will Denker
Houston, TX

"Immediately in 30 days, I started making more money."

Brian Ellwood and Frank Verdun
Nashville, TN

"Here at CG you have a room full of experts you can consult with and learn from."

Jeff Osborne
Fresno, CA

"I can't even count how many things we've taken from here that have made us more money and made my life easier."

Ron Phillips
Lehi, UT

"Amazing to hear everyone openly share business knowledge."

Mike Jake
Colorado Springs, CO

"I Learned there is a map out there to do more and not ruin your life."

Merv Plank
Birmingham, AL

"At CG we have developed funding relationships that reduce our money costs and increased our bottom line."

Mike Hambright
Dallas, TX

"At CG I have heard how to survive and thrive in changing markets."

Mike Loughrey
Phoenix, AZ

"CG forces me to be accountable for the changes I need to make in my business."

Darrin Collins
Fayetteville, NC

"You can network(in CG) and make phenomenally dynamic connections."

Drew Hitt
Virginia Beach, VA

"The members of CG are off the chain!"

Joe Leiber
Cleveland, OH

"The Best Real Estate Minds in the country are in this group."

Eddie Speed
Dallas, TX

"It's not a room for babies it's a room where people are definitely doing the business."

Jeff Love
Atlanta, GA

"The scale and scope people in this group have achieved is mind blowing."

Frank Cava
Richmond, VA

"With the Collective Genius the pond is stocked with big fish and you get to talk with like minded people."

Wayne Shaeffer

"I learned to systematize my business and got my life back."
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