I want to talk to Jason about attending the mastermind and learn more about becoming a full-fledged member of The Collective Genius

This is what I know will happen next.

  • Jennifer from Jason’s office will contact me to set up a time for me to talk to Jason personally.
  • Jason and I will mutually determine if this is right for me.
  • If we decide The Collective Genius” mastermind is a good fit, Jason will invite me to the next quarterly meeting that is approaching quickly, for FREE
  • I understand that while at the mastermind, I’ll have 80 other Real Estate Investing Rock-Stars totally focused on annihilating my biggest challenges and issues.
  • I understand that while I’m at the mastermind, I’ll be able to physically sit in the same room with Jason and fellow “Collective Genius” members and ethically “steal” stuff that’s working for one member and “install” it into my business.
  • If after attending, I think Jason and “The Collective Genius” members have wasted my time, he will give me $1500.00 because he’s the real deal and doesn’t screw around.
  • If after attending, we decide I am a good fit for “The Collective Genius”, Jason and I will discuss me becoming a privileged member.
  • The SOLE PURPOSE of this relationship is for me to make more money in my business while delivering even greater value to my marketplace and having lots of fun in the process.

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